13th December 1986

13 Sep


I’ve bought everyone’s pressies:

1.00 Nat, picture of ballet shoe; 69p Kati, ankle chain; 99p Jenny, pencil tin with pigs on; 59p Helen T, soft dog toy; 99p Helen C, yellow eye make up; 50p Carol, ring earrings; 5p Tam, Becky, Claire, Abi bookmark each. £5.08.

It was weird venturing into town in my lenses. The heat of the shops really irritates them. I saw a few people from school but I didn’t say anything cos I don’t speak to them. I wore my lenses from 10.00 to 3.30, ie, 51/2 hours. Tomorrow it should be six hours. In the evenings it’s hard cos just watching the telly hurts – so I can only last 3 hours. The irritation is getting less, hopefully it’ll go soon.

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