12th December 1986

13 Sep


Only another 6 days before the end of term. I’ve got to get everyone’s Christmas pressies tomorrow. I don’t know what to get. the max I can spend on anyone is £1.00, but Nat’s present will have to be bigger cos it’s Xmas and birthday and I’ve got to get Carol a birthday present. I spoke to Dan properly toda. He ept saying, if you come round I’ll give you 30p and not 3p (Iwas asking him to sponsor me). He’s quite nice really -0 he’s dead nice looking! Anj, Fi and me were at the bus stop and Andy H – who Anj is madly in love with – was there, but Anj woudln’t speak to him. She’s so silly, she’s got a £1.70 bet on that she won’tgo up to him an dgive him a big kiss. I don;t reckon she will. I’m wearing my lenses to town tomorrow.

Nat – picure, Helen C – make up, Anj – Brylcreem, Helen T – teddy, Jenny – tin, Kati – ?

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