6th December 1986

11 Sep

Yesterday’s party was a real doss. Me, Georgia and Kate etc got pissed out of our brains and we were really messing about. I went up to all the boys, stared them in the eyes and go ‘you are taken by me and me alone’. Or putting my arm round them and going we’re just good friends aren’t we? Just good friends put their arms round each other.

At the start I was outside with a bottle of wine in one hand and a fag in the other and who comes out?? Jeremy! THis kid called Simon – really nice – was wearing a tie pin. So I was going, you wear a tie pin, that menas you’ve got a hairy chest. Up comes J. His shirt collar was undone, so I go, you’re not wearing a tie pin, so that must mean you haven’t got a hairy chest.  I only like men with hairy chests. then there was Georgia and J and Simon outside, and I come up and go to Georgia loudly, I used to go out with him for 2 months. In 2 months he never tried anything on etc etc. Georgia was going, never? or something. Laura comes up and goes, can I call you Jez, to him, and I go, call him Jem, his mum and dad call him that. They think he’s fat and he has to do 40 press ups a night to keep his weight down.

I’m so embarrassed niw and I will be on Monday.

There was this lovely kid called Nick there, who goes to KES, he’s goregous (not nice looking) lovely personality. I love him! He’s got a massive love bite on his neck from Becky. It was awful.

Helen C got off with BA. So did Kati. BA tried it on with everyone else. Farwell tried it on with everyone and got off with Sarah. Fi got off with Roger, Tilly got off with Stevie. Monica acted pissed all night, silly cow. Fi also got off with Rich M. Caz got so pissed she was unconscious and had to go to hospital. Anne’s going out with Griff again, he’s all right Griff is. I felt his pants, and I go, you’re not as big as you think you are Griff!! Rachel got off with this gorgeous lad from Barnt Green, Matt. Richard S acted pissed all night. Everyone hates him.

Julie R is on the pill. Nat was really upset about Fi and Rog, but I doubt if he’ll go out with Fi even after this. Everyone thinks I got off with Anj’s brother Mark who arrived sober, and I went round with my arms round him, and he had 0 to drink but got more and more pissed. Mat and Nick kept having contests to see who could drink who under the table first. It was quite good really. I got no sleep, we partied all night.

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