14th November 1986

02 Sep

We had a joke in the classroom today and everyone who doesn’t come in early won a piece of ‘Natalie’s Nut Loaf!’. I didn’t have any, but everyone else had some and rushed off to the loos immediately !!! Mrs Young appeared though and put an end to it. Went for a walk with Fi at lunch. Nat, Jenny and Helen C went to Jen’s to watch Neighbours. I think Helen T went on the computers, everyone is deffing her out today – Nat and Kati said that they were all going through town and bombed out to catch the bus. I was talking to Darren on the bus and he said Fi fancies Miles like hell and she begs for it as far as Miles can see. She does a bit really. She’s pretty but she leads boys on a  bit and is a bit obvious! I went into town after school. I’m seeing the optician for a trial with lenses on Thursday and I could have my lenses within 2 wks!! I won’t be able to wear them at school – but I will at the weekend! I also took £9 in change to the P. Office ha ha serve them right for nicking my book! I also got some foul photos – 2 with my specs, 2 without. My eyes aren’t that small really, but my face is dead long, my hair looks a real mess on them. I may get some more. Dunno.

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