12th November 1986

02 Sep

I was really depressed today, because of J. I didn’t think I would be – but I am. I wasn’t over Olly – so I guess it shows I care for J more than Olly – stands to reason. Helen T’s going out of favour with everyone. She’s a crap prompter, she forgot my leggings, she sent a message to this kid to J that I’m serious. I think he knows that already. She’s a real pain in the bum at the moment. In HE we put marzipan on our cakes. It was gorgeous. Me Rhon and Sam went up to the Foundation office at 3.40 to see who we could see. Elliott was there and I told him about what Darren said (he’s okay if you like spots) and he said he’d get him. I was talking to Rhon an ddoing %ages. She said she’d gone 90%! (69).  Obviously with Roger, but I mean I think she’s mental (or was) cos only one more thing and that’s it – pregnant! if you’re unlucky. I reckon Sam’s the same about.

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