24th October 1986

31 Aug

I’m writing on the train, cos every other time I take my diary down to Reading, I never have time to write in it. There’s a real weirdo and his 2 pals next to me. He’s wearing gorgeous dark denim ‘flares’ and a really nice tight dark blue polo neck. He’s got hair all over his face, and long hair on his head. The chap sitting opposite is all right, except he’s wearing a tank top which looks like a present from his mother. It’s really hot – even though all the windows are open. there are loads of people standing too. Today was another doss about day. We had squash but when we went over to the courts we didn’t see anyone interesting – except for Matthew U. who I hate anyway. He’s a right sod, but he used to be really friendly while I was going out with Jeremy. We played form hockey against L5C at lunch. The score was only 1 – 0 to them which surprised me. I thought we’d get absolutely thrashed but the ball was in our circle all the time, and me and Kati really had to work. Helen T spent most of the match moaning – as usual. I don’t knwo what had happened this time – something about any person from L5C being ‘dead meat’ if they came near her! Silly cow! There’s a German exchnage this year which I will hopefully be able to go on. It sounds really good as they come over during the last two weeks of the Easter term, and for 3 weekdays they go to school, but for the rest, excursions are arranged between them and all the other Germans. We go over 20th August to 7th September, and it’s basically the same thing except the except for less trips and not much school – 2 days I think. It’s in a town called Wiensieb, near Frankfurt, on the Rhine and bordering on the Bundesrepublic so that sounds ace, and it doesn’t cost as much as the French one. I hope I’ll be able to go.

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