7th October 1986

26 Aug

I am very confused at the moment. I saw Jeremy today and I really felt like going back with him. Reading back my diary I obviously hated him after I chucked him, but now I don’t know what I think.

“Jeremy I love you.

How can I hope for you to forgive what I have done?

I have turned you down and shunned you.

I’ve liked you since November but you never knew.

And now you’ll never know how I still love you.

I can’t admit myself.

How can I hear your laughter?

You’re shunning me, as I shunned you once.

Perhaps, in years to come, I will stand up, and own up to my love that remains.

I have laughed with you.

You have cried because of me.

Yet I never realised my dream to be with you.

Could I now? With time long forgotten?

Only time will tell.


Jeremy – this letter is not meant to be

A proclaimation of love, to you, from me

Howver, I am afraid that is what it will turn out to be

For, Jeremy, my heart lies with yours

My breath laughter is your laughter

My happiness is your happiness

But this is not to be.

I had the chance many moons ago 

I could not agree I had to falter

Your love for me cannot last,

Like my love for you has

I cannot admit myself

You would laugh, and shun me as I have shunned you.

How can I own up to loving you?

For now, I must remain,


Without A Name”

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