14th October 1986

26 Aug

I haven’t given Olly my letter yet as I haven’t had a chance. When I next see miles I’ll give it to him. I saw Jeremy in the queue again today. He looked nice. I want to talk to him and have a conversation but I never get the chance. I hope I do soon as I want to know how he is, what he’s doing etc etc. I’ve written to Karine, she still hasn’t returned my Snoopy game. She’d better give it back or else! We had a really doss about rehearsal today, everyone was just playing the fool. Rebecca J has ‘connections’ with a 5th year, Andy H. I hope she goes out with him, she’s quite nice really. I’ve got a sort of feeling about her that we’re going to be good friends it’s very odd. I had a bath just now. I haven’t had one for ages – I had to scrape the dirt off. I’m going to start bathing daily again. Miles says he thinks I’m weird, so does Richard. I want to know what’s so weird about me!

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