10th October 1986

26 Aug

Anj met Miles on Winterbourne today and she’s going to phone him on Sunday night to fix up a meeting next weekend. She said she’ll also say she’d prefer it if me and Olly could go with her. I really hope he’ll agree. If they’re best mates I should hope he would. Anj is really happy and I’m happy for her! (and cos it may lead to me and Olly getting fixed up!) Apparently Miles said to Pike he liked Helen T and Pike told Kati and Helen this. Kati said Helen really acted oh no I hope he doesn’t, and all that, then was desperate to go down with Anj to see Miles. I could tell she wasn’t very happy when Anj told us all what had happened. Kati say she did that with Gary, acted to Kati when he had been a bastard to her all oh I’m really sorry but not v. convincingly and acting really flirty round Gary and Kati and starting to want to go to the Sills and into Solihull at night just to ‘bump into Gary’. That’s mean of her, cos Kati really likes him, and she’d have really flirted around with Miles and ruined it for him and Anj. And when she’d done that, if he’d asked her out, she’d have just turned him down! Like she did with Michael. Today we had squash for games and we had to go through the boys school to get to the sports hall. It was really dreadful as I saw loads of people Rich J, Stevie T, Roger, Rich S, AND Jeremy I was really not expecting to see him but he just appeared!!! Anj thinks he’s really hunky and (this was before lunch) didn’t know whether to go for Jeremy instead of Miles. What a twit!!

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