27th September 1986

25 Aug

London was great. I went round the West End etc. I bought some massive bright pink trousers at Hennes for £2.99! I spent £10 in all:

£2.99 – trousers, £1.30 – bus pass, 80p – exhibition, 81p – fags etc., 50p – mag, 45p – mag, 43p – hair bobbles, £1.81 – lunch, 20p –  Twix = £9.29

So I had quite a good day. On the way back in the car I couldn’t think of anything except for next Saturday. I have decided what to say:

O: Hi, what are you doing here?

J: Sorry, but Jo’s not coming. She phoned me up to say she couldn’t make it.

O:Do you know why?

J:She didn’t say. Anyway, if you still want to see the film, she told me to see it with you.

What if he says no? What if Miles is there? I’m really nervous!

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