26th September 1986

25 Aug


I still haven’t taken my library book back! I phoned Rhon tonight to get Olly’s number, and we had a long chat. I think she knows I fancy him. I got the number, then phoned him. I made a total prat of myself cos I asked if I could speak to Olly and he said this is him now, but I thought he said I’ll get him now! so I didn’t say anything – it was dreadful! Anyway – he said he would meet ‘Jo’ next week but he’d phone me Wednesday to arrange it. He was really nice, but not very conversational. I just hope I have the courage to do what I’m planning next week! I’m going to London tomorrow. Father’s going to a conference so I thought I could just go down for the day – meet some nice boys??? Should be good! We went to see a film at the Midlands Art Centre tonight – a Trip to Bountiful. It was quite good but a bit slow. There’s a dog outside who barks every night and he just goes on and on!

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