25th September 1986

25 Aug


I have to take my library books home soon – well they’re due back for 26th Spet. I’ve decided to phone Olly at the weekend. I don’t know what he’ll say. Sam’s given Elliott the wrist i.e. we should see less of each other etc etc! She was really worried about doing it though. The bra that someone (s) sent Roger, he thought it was me, was sent by Rhon, Rich M and George P. Ha ha – Rhon told me about it – I bet Roger was really pissed off when Rich told him about it. Anj fancies Rich M or vice versa I’m not quite sure. I doubt whether she’ll go out with him – hope not. I hope Olly’s nice to me on the phone tomorrow. I don’t know where he lives or his number though. I can’t ask Natalie – she’d laugh at me!

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