7th April 1986

13 Aug


This morning we got up quite late and I had ‘traditional French porridge’ for breakfast. It’s exactly the same as ‘traditional English porridge’. We stayed all morning dut to the weather, then after lunch we went to Virginie’s house by bike. To get there, there are two massive hills. I walked up both because I was not sporty! When we arrived, we listened to some tapes, then David and Olivier arrived. We watched a film which I did not really understand but it was pervy. I read loads of magazines as well. David and Karine get more friendly everytime they meet – they had one sofa. Virginie and Olivier also ‘very friendly’ had another. I had a bloody uncomfortable armchair. After the kids had gone I enjoyed myself more. We took polaroids of each other, and I have got quite a few for souvenirs. They are in what has become my souvenir book. When we got back home this doctor lady was there and it turns out Mrs Delugres is ill. Maybe they’ll have to send me home early!! I have made a chart in my rough book where I cross off the hours as they go by, only five days exactly now!!!

I posted Adrian’s letter today. Please let him say yes!!

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