6th April 1986

13 Aug


Yesterday we went to a hypermarche. They’re dead good. Karine and Virginie were swimming but I didn’t want to go and anyway I’m on so I said I was ill of the tummy! And I went shopping with Mrs and Mr Delugre and an aunt and uncle and Stephanie. In the twon Chatte something, we met Karine and V and I went with them. It was really boring, there was nothing to do and it was freezing. Yesterday evening we went to this fashion show, sponsored by Citroen. It was really good. All the clothes were nice. There was an absolutely fucking beautiful black model – gorgeous! They had all these little kiddies in it (age 4/5) who were really sweet. Today I’m not sure what we’re doing – something to do with bikes I think. I had a bath and we’ve been and bought some bread and cakes.  I got a letter from M today. It’s really nice.

This afternoon we went into Ste Maure and met Virginie and Alexi. We sat in the cafe for ages – then David and Oliver arrived and we sat again for ages. I hated it because I only understood a little. Then we went and sat near the museum and it was bloody freezing. To get rid of me Alexi was supposed to show me the museum but as it was closed he couldn’t. After ages we finally went home. Karine is ‘going out’ with D so I feel a real gooseberry (especially with V and Olivier also!)

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