2nd April 1986

13 Aug

Today me, Karine and Virginie went on the train to Tours. It was very expensive – £5!! Somewhere on the train I lost my purse! With 100f and my return ticket in it. We met Fiona and her French exchange and friend (Natalie and Fabienne) at a place called Freetime – like Mcdonald’s. I’ve written more stuff to Adrian, asking him out. I don’t know if I’ll send it or not!! Me and Fi went round Tours together to look for a present for Adrian. Finally we chose a lovely yellow chiffon scarf for him – very attractive. We also got an ashtray form Freetime and we were going to get a porno mag – but we chickened out of buying it. We got some chocolate cigarettes!! Fags here are very cheap – 80p about!! I’m going to get some before I leave. I wrote my postcards, and I’ll send them tomorrow. We met an awful boy in Tours, he was on a PGL!

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