24th March 1986

13 Aug


Five days to go! Today was awful! I’m going to start scaling my days – A to E. Today was a ‘D’. Everyone was ‘cool’ towards me. Then, in maths Jenny wrote a note to me saying the famous four had had a little get-together that Saturday. I said something non-commital, Heather put something bitchy. Then Helen T guessed, so I told her. She confronted Jenny with it and that started off a row between her and Helen C. I can see Helen T’s point of view, I mean, her and Helen C are supposed to be best friends, so I think Helen C should have told her. On the other hand what Helen C does out of school is her business and why should she have to tell Helen, or anyone else.

Also, I missed Adrian. I told Rhon and Sam I fancied him and they say they’ll stir it up for me. I had a good conversation with Darren on the bus. He’s quite a good friend – I quite like him.

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