13th April 1986

13 Aug


Yesterday we went to Intermarche and bought cheese for Dad and chocolate for ALice, soap etc. for M, chewing gum for Heather. Then we went to a tabac and bought 5 packs fags (62p for 20!!!) In the afternoon we met Olivier and David and went to this local DJ marathon thing. It was quite good. I had a meal then we went to the airport. Everyone else seems to have had a good holiday. On the coach on the way back I smoked four french fags. Miss Margen looked a real prick! When I got home there was a letter from Adrian. His to me was returned as it didn’t have Delugre  on it! He put ‘Hurry back!’ on it! Jiffi has eaten Jaffa – I was really upset – cos there’s like mine. At least I’ve still got one. I had 2 1/2 hours sleep last night.

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