11th April 1986

13 Aug


We got up at 6.30 this morning! Far too early for me! We cycled to the bus stop, then took hour’s bus ride on the school bus. Olivier is fucking beautiful! I was dreading school – but it was okay. We had an hour maths then some of the class had Spanish and me and Karine had an hour study. Olivier was in the place and he gave me a pen with his address on so I can write to him. We then had a short break and everyone had to go outside and you could buy cakes (bread with chocolate in them) for 2,5f. Then we had an hour of French then English. The English teacher had a terrible accent, the accents of the kids were better than hers! Then it was lunch and we had pate, then fish and peas, then cheese. After this we had to clean the round table and lay it for the next class. We didn’t see Olivier or David in the lunch hour. In sport we went to a park and some people (Vero, Sabine, another boy, Philippe) sat with me and talked while everyone else did hockey. Biology was all about volcanoes. They stay in  the same classroom all day – except for study and the lessons when the class splits – languages. The kids have to sweep and tidy the classroom everyday, there are no cleaners. It’s very lenient – not how you’d expect a private school to be. It’s really falling down as well – in some places virtually dangerous. Only one more day! I got a letter off Monica!

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