5th January 1986

10 Aug
5th January 1986


I went round to Emma’s and we went out for lunch. We each had about five glasses of wine so we were pretty pissed. Then at her house we had about 2 glasses of NEAT vodka before we went out. We sat on the pavement outside McDonald’s and these two kids (21 about) came up and Emma got off with the hunky one and I got off with his mate. Then we went to the park and bought some fags but Emma started puking up so we went home. It was a real laugh. At her house I was sitting in the bedroom watching the TV (just about) and Mrs U kept coming up and I kept saying I feel fine – when I really felt shitty. Emma puked most of the night. It’s the most pissed I’ve ever been – I couldn’t feel anything – I just felt numb.

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