12th January 1986

10 Aug


I met Heather and Tam in town today. I bought a new school skirt and a nightshirt with ‘sophisticat’ on it. I then met Jenny, Anj, Jo and Helen C in town and we got the bus to Rachel’s house. All the boys were fifth years, and me Jenny and Helen were really shy at first. But after a few drinks we got on. We moved so me and Jenny were sitting on the sofa with Adrian and Eliott on either side. Jenny disappeared with Adrian (we were so surprised at that) I considered Simon Forest  who was about to kill Eliott who was trying to get off with Rhon (who was loving every minute). Then I had a really long talk with a boy called Danny – I told him all my problems!! Until he had to go when I talked to Richard S. He was really nice – I talked to him till Rachel’s mum came down and ordered the girls upstairs – this was about 2.00 – 2.30. During the evening all the boys got smashed and most of us did. It really showed up the third year boys as real wimps. The fifth years are much nicer – and they accept you as you are – there’s no need to put on a false front. I think Richard fancied me – or that’s what Anj says – he’s really nice – but I don’t think I’d like to go out with him. I said some awful things about Jez when I was pissed to Adrian and he says he’ll tell him!! That would be awful. We got to sleep about 4.30 – but I had to share a duvet with Jenny and she kept stealing it. In the morning I really teased Jenny about getting off with Adrian, she’s never going to hear the last of it from me! I am dreading our medicals tomorrow – Miss E (the les) will just be making sarky comments all the way through about our tits, or lack of them. I have got out my ‘sturdy’ bra and ‘brief’ pants – I don’t want her thinking I’m a pervert!!!

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