27 December 1985

09 Aug
27 December 1985


Today I met Jez in town. I am in love with him. Well, it’s the closest thing I know to love, when I think about him which is most of the time, I get a warm feeling. When we were snogging (that’s a horrible word) nears New St he said, after one kiss, “God, I love you”. I felt so happy I wanted to cry. I didn’t say anything I just hugged him. I wonder how long we’ll be together. As long as possible I hope!

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One response to “27 December 1985

  1. Stephen Ward

    November 13, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Jessica. I don’t know where to begin. To quote Electronic. As I would. Anything to avoid committing myself. Which, I believe, is what the song in question concerns. Let me progress from sheer tangentiality (real word?, I very much doubt it) into solipsism. I kept a diary in the year of being, but not quite of turning (if you can dig what I’m saying) thirteen. It is no longer extant. Thank God. And now to sheer egotism. Where’s the bit with me in it?


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